How to buy avionics:  used (cont'd)


  • INSTALLATION COSTS - Inquire about installation costs prior to purchasing. Nothing is more embarrassing than finding out the costs of installation which can blow your budget after purchase. Also, remember "A Used Radio costs the same to install as a New Radio".
  • ALL ASSOCIATED PARTS INCLUDED - Know what typically is included in a new unit when buying used. If you purchase a used unit and rack/connectors/pins/etc. are not included, you could find you need several hundred dollars worth of pieces to perform the installation.
  • WARRANTY - It is suggested that you insist on a 30 day money-back guarantee in addition to any other warranty provided by the seller.
  • CHECK SERIAL NUMBERS - this is a tough one. I suspect there may be a significant number of "Hot" radios for sale on the internet. A "Hot" radio can cause you problems down the road. Also, equipment with missing data plates, even if not stolen, may not be able to have maintenance release tags applied even if it meets specifications.

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There are some obvious downsides to used avionics. However, if you use caution blended with common sense and some reliable advise, used avionics can provide you with a reliable and safe flying atmosphere.  We hope you find this info helpful.
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