How to buy avionics:  used (cont'd)


How to Buy on your Own

  • KNOW THE REPERCUSSIONS (of your purchase with respect to interface in your aircraft) - For example: Some Nav Receivers can't directly interface to an HSI (a converter is needed). Seek advice before you buy if you are in question.
  • GET A VISUAL - Obtain a picture of the equipment if you can't see it personally. Though you can't determine the integrity of the circuitry inside the radio, you can get a pretty good idea of what conditions the unit may have been subjected to.
  • SHELF LIFE - Some units, such as gyroscopic instruments which have been overhauled, can go bad by simply sitting on the shelf for 6 months. Verify the actual overhaul date.

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  • GOING RATE - Know the price that the unit sells for new or was sold for new. Also educate yourself on typical used pricing if possible. This item has become insanely prevalent in the last couple years with the used GNS market. I am all for the free market but I have to be honest…these units, more times than not, end up selling for far more than they should be worth. Notice that I said "should be worth"; I say this in its most literal sense. Any item is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it but that doesn't mean that the Buyer didn't over pay. Case in point, I recently saw a used GNS unit on a well-known on-line sales site that posted a used Non-WAAS GNS430 for $6550 + shipping. Whether the buyer intends on upgrading this unit to WAAS or not, the fact remains that WAAS is a required part of the ADS-B equation thus whether the intent is there at the time of purchase or not, it would be wise to assume that sooner or later this unit will be upgraded. Given that the current cost of a WAAS upgrade is $3,695, the NET invested in this purchase is $10,245 + shipping. Lancaster Avionics used to sell New GNS430W's for $8,400. The rest of the math I will leave up to you. Whereas I believe that the old adage "You get what you pay for" has plenty of relevance in this industry when it comes to the installation for these items and the service provided during the process, it doesn't necessarily hold true in the used equipment market; "Buyer Beware" seems to fit this example much better. As for the Sellers of these units, let me just say congratulations; I sincerely do not begrudge anyone for profiting where they can but I fall on the side of long term relationships not short ones.  << Previous Page | Next Page >>

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