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Avionics from the past can provide a safe and reliable future. Advances in avionics since 1998 have opened a whole new market in used avionics. As a matter of fact, we did very little installation work related to Used Avionics because prior to 1998, it was difficult to find good quality Used Avionics. There is a large select group of aircraft owners who always seem to be "on the cutting edge". These customers are the Used Avionics purchaser's best friend. Generally speaking, these customers have newer and more "up-to-date" aircraft and avionics. With the new equipment available today, these customers are removing perfectly good radios to gain more functionality. Why is this important to Used Avionics buyers? It all comes down to one having reliable avionics at a fraction of the cost...BUT....



(and sometimes more!)


The value a customer gets by purchasing used equipment comes in the reduced price of the equipment. For years, we shunned installing used avionics because even if we provided an impeccable installation it became a poor reflection on our business if the system failed. This of course would be an unwarranted reflection but the truth is it happens. The used market now contains a wide variety of used avionics that any reputable shop would be more than willing to install for you.

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Two Reasons Why to Buy Used

  • You are looking for a replacement radio of like make and model because your unit is not economical to repair.
    • As a shop, we have to be very careful not to exceed the value of the radio especially when a yellow-tagged used unit is readily available. In many cases, it may be more economical to replace the radio with a like make/model radio rather than repair yours.
  • Your budget will not allow for new radios but you want/need to upgrade the radios.
    • We have installed complete stacks of good used equipment while saving the customer thousands of dollars. This process can provide the customer with a high level of reliability and years of good service.

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