How to buy avionics:  New (cont'd)


The best products on the market combined with a poor installation techniques can result in poor performance. Though I cannot substantiate the claim, experience has convinced me that any condition as part of a poor installation can cause premature equipment failures that cannot readily be traced back to the installation. Examples of this include:

  • Use of 20+ year old wiring/cabling
  • Use of 20+ year old antennas
  • Use of improper pins/contacts
  • Use of improper crimping tools
  • Poor grounds
  • Inadequate Cooling
  • Mix-Matching equipment not directly compatible

Whenever the subject of "Aircraft Resale" comes up, the first thing a customer is told is he/she will have to absorb any costs related to installation. However, shopping around to get the "Best Installed" price is not necessarily the best move assuming you are expecting a fair degree of reliability from the system. In most cases, "You get what you pay for". There is certainly nothing wrong with shopping around provided you are comparing Apples-to-Apples and getting the best value for the dollar. Assuming you want such a degree of reliability, here are a few questions that should be answered to your satisfaction from the prospective shop:

 T: +717-569-1953

500-U Airport Road, Lititz, PA  17543 ยท 717-569-1953

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  • What are the conditions of all equipment and accessories to be installed? Is everything new or is it a mix of new and used?
  • What accessories are required/optional to complete the installation (if any)?
  • Will I be receiving ALL new harnessing? If not, what portions won't be new?
  • Will I be receiving ALL new cabling? If not, what portions won't be new?
  • What will happen to any old harnessing?
  • Will every unused wiring from removed equipment be removed?
  • What antennas will be replaced as part of the installation.
  • What will happen to any removed equipment (traded, sold on consignment, etc.)

  • Does the shop offer any formal training associated with your purchase?

  • Is there any additional charge?

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