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  • The choice of product, even in this realm, can vary between a GPS with a high level of intuitiveness but less overall capability and a GPS that requires a much higher level "learning-curve" but contains more potential operational applications. The point is this: You owe it to yourself to do some research and seek the advice of a knowledgeable "expert" to determine what will best suit your application now as well as any considerations for future applications. 

    No matter what you are buying, avionics purchases are not cheap. In most cases, you will probably require some installation work associated with your purchase. Your safest bet is to purchase your equipment from a respectable source because they are most apt to stand by what they sell. Keep in mind that many shops will not install equipment they didn't sell and/or may charge a higher labor rate to install such equipment.
  • Points to Consider

    There are several points to consider when buying new or used equipment. They are as follows:

    • What kind of Warranty is associated with the product?

    • What kind of Lead-Time is required to obtain the product?

    • Are all components (antennas, racks, connectors, pin, etc.) included with the product?

    • What other accessories are required to install the product in your specific application?

    • Are there any subscriptions associated with the product?

    • What kind of service should be expected from the supplier providing warranty?

    • What is the long-term service forecast for the product?


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The answers to these questions will put you well on your way to being an informed and pennywise consumer. For more detailed information, see:


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