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Quotes & Estimates

Estimates can generally be provided by phone (with pics of your panel via email) but Quotes can require review of the aircraft. The ideal way to obtain any quote is to visit our facility. We can sit together in your aircraft to determine your wants and needs. This process allows us to achieve the following goals:


Provide a personal touch to your experience - your aircraft is more than just a complex hunk of metal and you are obviously interested in investing significant dollars into it. We want to take the time to thoroughly explain all of your options from all aspects. Whether your aircraft is your "pride & joy" or whether it is simply a transportation tool, both you and your aircraft are entitled to the attention they deserve.

We can more thoroughly explain the work involved with the use of drawings, photos, and a "Demo Panel".

See and operate the equipment you are considering. We have a DEMO PANEL which features a Garmin GTN750 & GTN650, Aspen Evolution 2500 System, Garmin GNS430W & GNS530W, Avidyne IFD540, and an L-3 Lynx NGT9000.

See who we are during our work day. I'm told by many customers that we have a big shop in GA terms. See how we protect aircraft while they are being serviced.
Bottom-line is that we want you to be a part of the process from start to finish. Service doesn't end when we finish the installation; that's when the service begins. We warranty the workmanship on our installations indefinitely.

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After Hours

Arrangements can be made to drop-off and pick-up aircraft after hours. We have five tie-downs in the grass in front of our shop, a key drop box, and lock-boxes for
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