The "basic" waas upgrade cont'd


  • Confirm 400W/500W series unit is physically within the "ACCEPTABLE VIEWING" area - The "Acceptable Viewing" area is clearly defined in the appropriate installation/upgrade manual. Because aircraft differ in configuration, final determination for compliance is the responsibility of your Garmin Dealer, however, the following should provide basic understanding of this requirement:

    • NOTE: The following is assuming the 400/500 series unit is located to the right of the pilot and the 400/500 series unit is on the same vertical plain as the pilot's instrument panel. For those aircraft (example: Cirrus SR20/22) with the units located below this vertical plain, see "Non-Basic WAAS upgrade"

    • Determine the "Centerline" of the Pilot's scan - Draw an imaginary line thru the center of the pilot's seat, thru the center of the pilot's yoke, and up the panel. (This line will typically fall in line with the center of the DG/HSI and Attitude Gyro/Flight Director on most aircraft).

    • Measure from this point to the left bezel edge of the 400/500 series unit.
      If this measurement is 11.8 inches or less, no annunciation should be required and hence should remain a "Basic WAAS Upgrade".

    • If this measurement is greater than 11.8 inches, your upgrade MAY become a "Non-Basic WAAS Upgrade".

      Reinstall Garmin upgrade 400W/500W series unit - Reinstallation of the upgraded unit requires the following steps:

      • Configure upgraded unit using pre-upgrade settings and make any changes necessary as appropriate.

      • Complete "Post Installation" forms as required by Garmin.

      • Perform complete 'check-out' of upgraded system and interfaces.

      • Complete all applicable FAA legal paperwork as related to the upgrade

This should complete the "Basic WAAS Upgrade" process. I have been generally advising customers to anticipate a 6-7 day downtime and approximately $750-$800 in additional costs to the initial $3,995 upgrade cost per unit. The $750-$800 covers our labor as described above, miscellaneous parts, any shipping to Garmin. REMINDER: Any item found during the upgrade process that changes the upgrade status to "Non-Basic" most likely will result in additional labor and parts charges.



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