The "basic" waas upgrade


The basic WAAS upgrade consists of the following steps:

  • Pre-upgrade documentation of all current configurations and interfaces for the purpose of:
    • Making the installation of your upgraded 400W/500W series system easier.
    • Allowing us to confirm all interfaces are in compliance with the STC.
      • NOTE: Any interface not found to be in compliance with the STC will require an FAA 'Field-Approval'. Additional contingencies may be required as part of the 'Field-Approval' compliance. Your local Avionics Shop should be contacted to discuss local FSDO requirements.
  • ​​Ship 400/500 Series unit to Garmin for upgrade - We generally will ship these units out UPS Red so Garmin has them the next day. Garmin has been maintaining their projected turn-around time of 3 working days in-house.​
    • Note: The upgrade price of $3,995 includes replacement of the Processor Board, the GPS engine, the Software, and the Data Cards. This price also includes any other unit repairs (example: scratched lens, sticky buttons, VLOC issues, etc.).
    • Note: On the bright side: 
      • ALL units that do not already have the supplemental non-certified Terrain/Obstacle database installed (normally a $500 upgrade) will have this feature as part of the $3,995 WAAS upgrade.
      • Garmin is also not charging for the 'Return' freight (if 2nd day is OK).
    • Measure GPS antenna coax length and determine type of coax - RG400 or RG142B/U coax is the minimum requirement and must be between 6.5ft and 35ft. If coax type is not in compliance, the coax MUST be changed. If the coax type is in compliance but the length is too short, an additional length can be added to achieve the minimum 6.5ft requirement.
    • Change the GPS Antenna - Garmin will provide a new GA35 GPS WAAS Antenna as part of the $3,995 WAAS upgrade charge. The GA35 antenna 'footprint' is identical to the existing GA56 GPS antenna on your aircraft. Therefore, most antenna changes should be relatively straight forward barring any complications resulting from unforgiving aircraft headliners/panels, etc.
    • Change Antenna Connector - The new GA35 antenna requires a TNC type connector. The old GA56 used a BNC type connector. As of the writing of this text, there currently is not a 90° Adapter commercially available to expedite this process, therefore, the antenna connector must be changed.


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